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welcome to

 Conxcious Wellness Studio. 

We strengthen conxciousness, intuition & nourish our selfcare practices.

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Welcome dear beloved one, 

You are stepping into the
Conxcious Wellness Portal.... 
We offer monthly programming that is designed to normalize consistent therapy, healing, and spiritual nourishment. 

From a cosmic perspective...
Each class is channeled from the cosmos to provide people the tools to live a more empowered and fulfilling life. The blueprint sprouted from the need of people desiring to have a space to look within themselves.
To understand ourselves more.
To correct their paths as needed. To feel equipped with tools and calibrate their awareness to flourish in the Aquarian Age.
To come to thrive with our intuitive abilities.

On a more human note....

The people of Earth now more than ever are understanding the value of being vulnerable.
The value of observing our internal state of mind, thoughts and feelings.

The value of strengthening and hydrating our cosmic and energetic relationship with our cellular being.
How to prevent and heal from toxic cycles, in creating healthy ways to release guilt and shame from.

How to honor our painful dark shadows side and handle them with care and light.

There is a need and desire for the world to experience incubators to enhance their intuitive gifts and the integrate the strength of our ancestors.

This is NOT your typical Yoga Studio, but we definitely have foundations from such an environment. 

We are assisting in building lifestyles that teach people how to meditate as their lifestyle routine. 
We're assisting in teaching people about the power of their energetic blueprints.

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OUR Monthly Studio OFFERINGS

Wealthy Breaths

A monthly class to exercise your lungs and release tension in the body

Every first Wednesday of the month.
Time: 11AM-11:44AM
$33 Drop in class
Free with monthly memberhip

Freedom Move-ment

A yoga asana focused on lubricating the body. With an emphasis on the micro transitions and reflection, leading to the Freedom we so desire.
Influences Include:
Tai Chi, aura cleansing. Frequnxy Upgrades
Emphasizing chakra focused yogic poses.
Every third Wednesday of the month.
Time: 5-6:30PM
$55 Drop in class
Free with monthly memberhip

money talks

Every month this portal is opened up to look at our money leaks and our fears about money. This event is curated to increase empowerment and confidence in receiving money. 
We'll question our subconscious beliefs to be able welcome more of our desirer experiences.
Every last Wednesday of the month.
Time: 7-8PM
$25 Drop in class
Free with monthly membership

happy dance

A 30 minute dance class about not giving a fu*k. 
Practice freeing up your body, Releasing the fear and judgement of how we look.
 Welcoming the healing of your inner child.
This class is intended to start your morning feeling liberated by channeling the  SPIRIT before you get into the hustle of your vision. 

ALL dance levels welcome, whether you're advanced or a beginner.

Every second Wednesday of the month.
Time: 8:30-9:15AM
$33 Drop in class
Free with monthly memberhip


 group therapy

Monthly Themed topics. 
Therapy based on observing our patterns. 
This is a space to heal our pain & Grow sustainable life goals.

Include: exercises to understand roots of the pain points.
How to witness our shadows with pain and love, which allows for universal wisdom and healing to occur in our cells.

Every last Saturday of the month.
Time: 7-9PM

$55 Drop in class
Free with monthly memberhip


what is included?

Access to all monthly classes: 
Meditation, 2 styles of Yoga asana, Dance class, Kickboxing,
Group therapy, Emotions class.

Discount to
3 Month Akashic Healing & Creative Container.



$44(CAD)/ monthly

I welcome and honor you into Conxcious Wellness Studios.
I believe that all is intentional. It was divinely planned that you were led is your need, your desire and your intuition that was asking for skills and guidance like this portal here.
We are soul honored to have you level up and grow with our Conxcious Tribe. 

I look forward to your presence.

Much love,

Anoushka D'Souza

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