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What is akashic spirit work?

Akashic Spirit work can range from creative business insights, money trauma to inner Spiritual healing. Akashic Healing is a way to access the etheric knowledge + blueprint of our lives. It teaches us how to be more clear, how to magnetize realities from the vibration of our highest version of our cellular being. 

Akashic in Sanskrit means "Ethers."

During the session, I help integrate the messages and tools needed for you to thrive in your life by accessing your personal Akashic Record. 

An Akashic Record is the etheric cloud storage for all the life journeys you've experienced. It can only be accessed with the permission of your ancestors. It provides an immense amount of clarity, direction and healing of dark energies when used with the right intentions. Every time you open the Akashic Record, both the facilitator and the receiver align their cellular beings to an even higher frequency of light. Thus, in a shorter amount of time, it is easier to feel the transmutation of dark, dense energies. 

What is an akashic record?

Are the Akashic Clarity Sessions for me?

This is for you if you are looking to...

Create healthier life cycles by identifying unhealthy patterns

Understand what’s causing you to be stuck in a place you don't want to be

Trust your intuition + live a more authentic life

Assistance with your life journey

Re-calibrate your money beliefs

Sift and Shift dense dark energies into higher frequencies for yourself

Learn how to speak to your ancestors

Welcome more peace and feel grounded

Build a healthy level of self-confidence 
and listen to your body

And so much more...

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Invest in your uplevelling,