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We’ve created & chosen beliefs that exemplify the container of Conxcious Produxtions.

Every aspect of our offerings, whether it be a physical product, or any service/course, we strive for these beliefs to be the foundations of our business. (6).png

Multi sensory, multidimensional production co.

We offer an array of gifts; from products to services that intend to stimulate different parts of the human experience. Our mission is to combine the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual to uplift, shift and elevate. (3).png

birthday into lifestyle

YASSSSS! Conxcious Produxtions is dedicated to teaching you how to live your life at your very best.

Every. Single. Day. We truly embody the meaning of cell-liberating (get it? celebrating!) our existence. What if everyday was your birthday? How would you live life like then? What Would you bank account feel like? What feelings would you dominantly magnify into the world? We hope that this helps you feel uplifted and shifts your everyday perspective. (2).png

Sustainable Loving + Living

Our aim is to build towards sustainable and healthy relationships with self, with the Earth and with others. Our services and products are geared to intentionally promoting the health of our Earth and summons our souls to cultivate the highest vibration of themselves. (4).png

Let's Keep getting it

For us, this refers to the vision we want. It is having the sense of being ready to achieve what we came here to do on Earth with a forward approach. Not only are we ready and have achieved our past goals, we are continuously achieving our goals in the present moment. (5).png


We believe money in this life form is an asset. As a conscious, self aware, spiritual brand, we appreciate teaching people the importance of building their assets in order to create a world that supports living intentionally with others and protecting Earth. When you purchase any products of ours you are impacting a grander future of how we wish for our societies to be cultivated. When you invest in us, you invest in an intentional company - a company that promotes healing and celebration of community and protection of our Earth, through and through. 

*Our Akashic Services help people with money trauma into money empowerment 

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